The Lord's Prayer Lectures

By Saphir Adolph

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The Lord's Prayer Lectures by Adolph Saphir.

"In publishing these lectures, (October 1869) delivered this year in the ordinary course of ministration to my congregation, I yield with great diffidence to the desire expressed by many of my hearers, encouraged by their assurance that they have found them helpful in gaining a deeper insight into the Lord's Prayer. There can scarcely be a more comprehensive subject, for this model prayer embraces every doctrine of Scripture and every aspect of Christian life. I have endeavoured to explain it in connexion with the revelation of God in Christ, in the Pentecostal light of the Epistles convinced that only thus its true and full meaning can be found.

Luther says, the heart of a Christian ought to offer the Lord's Prayer continually with earnest sighs. May this only model of prayer which Christ has given us help us "to rejoice through the living Saviour in the Father-name of God, as David rejoiced in the name of Jehovah, then should we never cease to speak of His works and wonders to our house and friends."

From the Preface.

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