God's Answer: Revival Sermons

By Duncan Campbell

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God's Answer: Revival Sermons by Duncan Campbell.

The first seven chapters of this book are sermons which were first preached at the time of the Revival in the Isle of Lewis in the late 1940's and early 1950's. This sermons are published in the earnest hope that the written message may be used as was the spoken word. It was the desire of the preacher and author of these messages that the Lord would use them as a means of bringing closer the spiritual revival that many long for and which alone is God's answer to the desperate need of the world today. The sermons are entitled:

1. God's Answer to the Human Problem.

2. A Divine Resolution.

3. The Marred Vessel.

4. The Power of An Indwelling Christ.

5. The Holy Spirit in Operation.

6. God's Instrument in Revival.

7. Christ - The Answer.

The final chapter is The Story of the Lewis Awakening.

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