Meat for Men

By Ravenhill Leonard

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Without question, the US is the richest nation in the world. It is a mighty crucible into which refugees of almost all modern nations are poured. It has far more Bible schools than any other nation. In this Bible schools is dedicated man power. Here, too, wealth to get this man power to the ends of the earth, and here is linguistic ability unmatched in the annals of time.

Even the gathering at Pentecost had not the potential, human speaking, that this vast nation has, do you wonder then, that from every angle, hell has the US its cross-hairs? The US is cursed with blessings.

Unless the nation awakens, repents, and puts on the whole armour of God' it will be blessed with cursings.

Already other nations are in slavery to communism or Catholicism? How long can the US or the UK remain free?

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Publisher Ravenhill
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