But I Say To You: Christ the Controversialist

By Stott John

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But I Say To You: Christ the Controversialist by John Stott and published by IVP Books.

In this timely reissue of John Stott's classic title, 'Christ The Controversialist', the respected and well loved gospel communicator shows you how Jesus was unafraid to live a stormy life; his teachings angering the religious and political establishment.

Jesus’ words brought him face to face with leaders and authorities who were shocked at his lack of respect for their traditions. Many could not accept Jesus' view of the kingdom of heaven, of prostitutes and other social outcasts. The respectable and powerful could hardly imagine how any ‘good man’ would even talk to such people.

Jesus face to face conversations with the Pharisees and Sadducees of his day challenged their morality, worship, authority and social responsibility. John Stott, bases his comments on these dialogues in order to discuss nearly all of the major Christian doctrines showing how these ancient controversies have direct relevance in our own 21st century.

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Publisher IVP
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781844749027
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