Design and Origin of Man

By Burgess Stuart

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ICM Price £6.49

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Design and Origin of Man: Evidence for Special Creation and Over Design (2nd Edition) by Stuart Burgess and published by Day One Publications.

Have humans descended from an ape-like creature or were they specially created? This is surely one of the most important questions we can ask because the answer affects the way we view moral standards and the way we view God.

This book presents detailed evidence that humans have been specially created. The book includes: • Description of 10 unique characteristics of humans

• Description of the beauty and over-design of humans

• Explanation of how humans are designed to appreciate pleasure

• Explanation of how humans are made in the image of God

• Explanation of the similarities between humans and apes

• Summary of archaeological and fossil evidence

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Publisher Day One
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781846253928
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