CD - Ish In The Box (4 CD's)

By Ishmael

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CD - Ish In The Box (4 CD's), 78 Songs for Older Children by Ishmael and published by Kingsway Music.

The 4CDs contained in this box set are not only some of my personal favourite songs, but also some of the songs that have proved to be the most popular with others over the years. Including such favourite as 'Blessed Is The King', 'You Never Put A Light Under A Dirty Old Bucket!', 'The Lord's Prayer' and of course 'Father God I Wonder'...

Track Listing:

1 Let Heaven And Earth Praise His Holy Name

2 For As High As The Heavens Are Above The Earth

3 Praise God In The Great Congregation

4 Let's Thank The Lord For Music

5 Father God Created The World

6 The Lord Is So Cool

7 I'll Sing To Your I'll Bring To You

8 Holy Spirit Flow

9 I'm Like A Little Light Shining In The Dark

10 This Is The Lord's Day

11 Who Is King Over All The Earth

12 How Awesome Are Your Deeds Oh Lord

13 Father God I Wonder (New Praise Mix)

14 I Will Always Sing About The Lord's Love

15 Lord Give Me A Heart That's True

16 I Raise My Hands Up High

17 In The Quiet I Will Say Lord I Love You

18 You Are My God And I Will Thank You

19 The TV Song

20 The Lord Loves Me

21 Lord Take Away My Sin

22 Lord Jesus I Love You

23 Take My Life Lord (I Just Want To Live To Praise You)

24 Praise And Glory To The Name Of Jesus

25 Be Happy And Be Glad

26 Father God I Wonder

27 3.9 Thirty Nine

28 We Believe In Hebrews 13.8

29 My God Shall Supply

30 A Little Faith

31 When Jesus Was A Little Child

32I t's Like Working For The Lord

33 Creation Song

34 Let's Sing To The Lord

35 Children Obey Your Parents

36 Be Merciful To Me O God

37 Behold I Stand At The Door

38 I Will Call Upon The Lord

39 In The Sixteenth Verse

40 Do Not Store Up

41 When I'm On My Bed

42 The Wicked Will Find No Peace

43 For The Lamb

44 The Lord's Prayer

45 We Must Be Strong

46 Ecclesiastes 5 Says

47 But God Demonstrates

48 Corinthian Gifts Galatian Fruits (Medley)

49 The Fear Of The Lord

50The Fields Are Ripe

51 He Has Shown You

52 Blessed Is The King

53 Put On The Sword Of The Spirit

54 Though The Grass May Wither

55 Why Do You Look Here

56 You Never Put A Light Under A Dirty Old Bucket

57 Better Is A Poor And A Wise Child

58 Don't Be Lazy

59 I've Become All Things

60 Thank You Lord For The Food

61 Do It All To The Glory Of God

62 There Is No Darkness

63 Delight Yourself In The Lord

64 Jesus Said Let Little Children

65 For If You Forgive Men

66 If We're Feeling Like We're Losers

67 Set A Guard

68 I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

69 If You Think You're Standing Firm

70 Don't Be Afraid

71 A Little One Shall Become A Thousand

72 For All Have Sinned

73 Roar Roar

74 Be Gone You Evil-Minded Men

75 Now The Lord Is The Spirit

76 The Still Small Voice

77 Heaven Above

78 The Lord Bless You

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