20 First Dates

By Maddox Rebecca

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ICM Price £1.99

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20 First Dates: My Search for Mr Right by Rebecca K Maddox and published by Authentic Media.

Humorous accounts of the author's search for Mr Right with practical advice and encouragement for fellow seekers. Rebecca K. Maddox is 30 years old. After many years as a single Christian woman, she embarked on a dating experiment - to go on twenty first dates, with twenty men, met in twenty different ways.

Over the course of a year, Rebecca was almost compromised on the dance floor, stranded in a muddy village and the catcher of a bouquet. She sheltered under a cupcake box, waited nervously in line for results and spent hours trawling profiles on the Internet. She was driven in a rusty car with no floor and chased by an angry granny. She narrowly escaped a squirting tiger and a falling pigeon, attempted to eat a variety of foodstuffs while trying to look attractive, and struggled in and out of her glad rags in the toilets of approximately ten trains to London. She was confused, amused, frustrated and dazzled in equal measure.

This is the true story of one woman's determined search for the man of her dreams, with plenty of practical advice on the world of Christian dating.

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Publisher Authentic
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781850789918
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