By Good and Necessary Consequence

By McGraw Ryan

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By Good and Necessary Consequence, Explorations in Reformed Confessional Theology by Ryan M McGraw and published by Reformation Heritage Books.

The Westminster Confession says that the 'whole counsel of God…is either expressly set down in Scripture, or by good and necessary consequence may be deduced from Scripture’. McGraw begins this work by noting the biblical foundation of the principle, especially evident in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He then examines the usage among the contemporaries of the authors of the Westminster Standards, and in another section deals with the most significant objections to this principle. He treats the need for ‘necessary consequence’ in four major areas of theology, and concludes with certain practical applications that impact the Christian life and church.

This excellent book helps us understand the significance of ‘necessary consequence’ not only for the Confession but also for Scripture study in general, and is worthwhile for grounding the principle in the Lord Jesus Christ and the writers of the Scripture. George W. Knight III, Adjunct Professor of New Testament, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

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