Exploring the Worship Spectrum: 6 Views - Counterpoint Series

By Engle P E & Basden P A (ed)

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What does worship look like? Is there just one truly right way to worship? Are there any wrong ways? To what extent should our unity as believers manifest itself in unified public worship? Sadly, disagreement over how we should worship our loving God has sparked some most unloving attitudes among Christians. Exploring the Worship Spectrum seeks to correct this. It provides a forum for presentation, critique, and defense of six prominent worship styles:

* Formal-Liturgical - Paul Zahl

* Traditional Hymn-Based - Harold Best

* Contemporary Music-Driven - Joe Horness

* Charismatic-- Don Williams

* Blended - Robert Webber

* Emerging - Sally Morgenthaler

This unique format allows those with a heart for worship to compare different perspectives and draw their own conclusions on what the Bible teaches. It engages the reader's faculties of critical thinking in a way that allows him or her to understand the various approaches to worship, carefully evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and make personal choices without adopting a judgmental spirit.

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Publisher Zondervan
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ISBN 9780310247593
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