Retrieving Doctrine

By Crisp Oliver

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ICM Price £7.99

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If we are to do contemporary theology well, we need to listen carefully to past masters. In this book, Oliver Crisp brings a number of key Reformed theologians into dialogue with contemporary philosophical and doctrinal concerns in a bid to further this strategy of 'theological retrieval'. The topics chosen for this book reflect some of the central concerns of Reformed theology: creation and providence; sin and salvation; and, the Christian life.

This title includes:

Part I - Creation and Providence - John Calvin on Creation and Providence and Karl Barth on Creation;

Part II - Sin and Salvation- Jonathan Edwards on the imputation of sin, Francis Turretin on the Necessity of the Incarnation, John McLeod Campbell and non-penal substitution, and On Karl Barth's denial of universalism; and,

Part III - The Christian Life - John Williamson Nevin on the Church, John Calvin on Impetration and Jonathan Edwards on the Qualifications for Communion.

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Publisher Paternoster
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ISBN 9781842276884
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