Exploring the Fascinating Life of Jesus

By Ellsworth Roger

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There are times when doubting, fears and even despair seem to encompass us, causing us to doubt our faith in Jesus Christ.

This examination of the life of Jesus as related in the four Gospel, shows or simply reminds us who He was, why He came, why He died, and His purpose before during and after His short time on this earth.

Roger Ellsworth reveals Christ to be unique for He is the Son of God who came to endure the suffering of the cross to secure salvation for those who trust Him.

It is the author's desire that if you have not made up your mind about Jesus you will discover the truth about Him for yourself or if you have doubts or fears, or a cool heart towards Him, that you will be led to a greater sense of awe and determination to live for His glory.

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Publisher Evangelical Press
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780852347201
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