Geared for Growth - Only Way to Be Good: Romans

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'I've lived a good life, been nice to people, not done anything really bad, I'll be alright.'

It is only natural for us to judge our life according to our own rules. As we try to examine ourselves we take on board all the mitigating circumstances we can think of - because after all we meant well didn't we? We ignore all the incriminating evidence as it is just too uncomfortable to think about. Where do we end up? All in all, we're not that bad really. Right?

Wrong. The judge we are to face will be perfectly just and will not be distracted by irrelevant excuses. Not only that but it's not our rules that we will be judged against - it is the perfect rules of a judge that demands nothing less than perfection.

How can we possibly be good when nothing less than perfection will do? The book of Romans will give you the answer.

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Publisher Christian Focus
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ISBN 9781857929508
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