Gallant Outlaw: 1890, House of Winslow #15

By Morris Gilbert

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ICM Price £7.99

RRP: £10.99 (Saving of 27%)

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At 17 Betsy Winslow is certain she will never measure up tp her older sister Lanie.

So when handsome Vic Perrago begins showering her with attention she is flattered.

When he persuaded her to elope, Betsy envisions a life of grandeur as a rancher's wife, however all her dreams come crashing down when she realises the man she loves in not all he claims to be.

When Lanie hears of her sister's predicament she is determined to bring Betsy home, but how does she find her amid the dangers of the Indian Territories?

Her best hope of finding Betsy could be a shiftless outlaw..

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Publisher Bethany
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780764229596
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